Ottawa Robotics Academy was founded in 2011 by an Ottawa elementary school teacher with the vision of introducing robotics and programming as an extracurricular activity for school aged children ages 9 to 13 in the greater Ottawa area. Over the past five years, our organization has translated this vision into educational robotics workshops and private sessions that have been delivered and embraced with great enthusiasm and success.

In 2015, Ottawa Robotics Academy went through a major re-organization resulting in a new ownership team and a broader focus that promotes the same mission, but now includes the introduction of robotics to the early childhood classroom (pre-K to grade 2), while adhering to Ministry expectations in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) context. Our aim is to work with schools and facilitate introductory classes for students aged 4 to 8 and after school robotics clubs for students aged 9-13. This early focus on robotic manipulatives allows children to learn about and explore simple and complex STEM concepts in a creative and fun based learning environment.

Please explore our programs page for further details.